I have been designing websites for about 2 years now and in that time I have created websites for charities, local and nationwide businesses. I have a passion for building websites that will really make a difference if they have the traffic they deserve.


This is the website for my shared graphic design studio Cacts - this site incorporates multiple elements of visual design, GIFs , light-boxes , hidden elements along with some surprises to be found if you look hard enough. With this site we have made the navigation somewhat different to most ordinary sites this is to make the site seem like somewhat of a challenge , take a look and see for yourself.

This website design was for the out in football movement which aims to bring attention to the lgbt+ supporters within football. OUT! is a unique 18-month collaborative partnership that brings together supporters, fan organisations, football associations, football leagues, and stakeholders to work on the fight against homophobia and the empowerment of LGBT+ stakeholders in football. 

This design was for H.T.S.A (Huddersfield Town Supporters Association) - The site  involves a fully intergrated travel booking system along with a membership page and a benefits page so that members can logon and view their latest offers.

 © 2020 by Alex Langton.

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